May Virtual Chapter Meeting & Educational Presentation

The Portland Chapter of the International Institute of Building Enclosure Consultants (IIBEC Portland Chapter) invites all design professionals, consultants, and contractors practicing in the roofing, waterproofing and building enclosure fields to attend a virtual Chapter Meeting & Educational Presentation on The Science of Rooftop Snow Retention and Control.

Program Description:

The force of snow and ice on rooftops can be significant, wreaking havoc on valleys, eaves, flashings and gutters. Slippery roof surfaces can result in the sudden release of snow build-up, dumping tons of the white stuff below. Snow guard devices of every description proliferate the marketplace. Misconceptions are promulgated through “technical” articles and sales claims that espouse conjecture and mythology in place of prudent science and logic when it comes to the control of snow and its effects on – and off – rooftops.

This course provides a common-sense approach to understanding how snow acts on roofs, debunking misconceptions and highlighting common mistakes made in this practice. It will teach you how to match the snow retention system to the project using site-specific information and mathematical calculations, eliminating guesswork and supposition. Easy-to-follow instruction will promote a better understanding of prudent “slippery” roof design for snowy climates, including the control of snow and ice with manufactured products.

Rob has traveled the globe to research the field of Northern roof design, snow effects, and snow retention systems and technology. He has also authored numerous technical articles and industry standards documents on the subject.


  1. Understand the root principles of what causes rooftop avalanches
  2. Understand rooftop ice dams and their prevention
  3. Apply simple science and math for project-specific suitability of snow guards
  4. Complete comprehension of how and why snow guards work
  5. Reduce liability with prudent product selection and application
  6. Know how to debunk common myths and misinformation
  7. Value engineer to save money without compromise to system integrity




Speaker’s Biography:

Rob Haddock is Director of the “Metal Roof Advisory Group, Ltd”, a consulting firm performing a variety of services for a worldwide clientele.  Included in Rob’s background is a long list of credentials:  contractor, technical writer, training curriculum author, forensic expert, world traveler, inventor, educator, and even rodeo competitor.  Having 50 years industry experience, Haddock is a member of NRCA, ASHRAE, ASCE, CSI and ASTM as well as a lifetime honorary member of the Metal Building Contractors and Erectors Association, and the Metal Construction Association.  He holds over 50 U.S. and foreign patents, and innovated the concept of seam clamps to attach roof accessories to standing seam roof profiles.  The tradenames “Roofloater”, “S-5!” and “ColorGard” are all Haddock innovations.

He has authored curricula and served as faculty for the Roofing Industry Educational Institute, the Roof Consultants Institute and the University of Wisconsin.  He is also a technical editor for several industry publications. He has been the top-rated speaker at MetalCon International for 25 consecutive years.  He is a recipient of the ASTM Carl Cash Award, the MCA Larry Swaney Award, the RCI Dick Horowitz award, and an inaugural inductee to the Metal Construction Hall of Fame.

Rob’s presentations and technical writings have been translated and published in at least eight languages, yet he is a down-to-earth speaker who melds technical knowledge with years of hands-on experience and a twist of country wit for an informative, entertaining presentation.  Attendees at his seminars agree that he is an engaging guy with a truly unique ability for making technical subjects interesting and fun to learn.


Once the education presentation has concluded, Portland Chapter information will be presented.



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May 20 2021


Pacific Daylight Time Zone
4:00 PM - 5:45 PM